All Publications

All of my publications and completed research projects since 2008 are listed here, along with my coauthors. The list includes:

Research and Conference Reports

By Robert D. Lamb

§  The Dual-System Problem in Complex Conflicts (with Melissa R. Gregg), SSI monograph (forthcoming)

§  The Uncertain Transition from Stability to Peace (with Kathryn Mixon and Sarah Minot), CSIS report (February 2015)

§  Advances and Challenges in Political Transitions (with Johanna Mendelson Forman), CSIS report (November 2014)

§  ‘Legitimacy’ in the Banking Sector (with Michael Shavel and Diane B. Glossman), Cornerstone Capital Group investment report (January 2015)

§  Rethinking Legitimacy and Illegitimacy: A New Approach to Assessing Support and Opposition across Disciplines, CSIS report (May 2014)

§  South Asia Regional Dynamics and Strategic Concerns: A Framework for U.S. Policy and Strategy in South Asia, 2014–2026 (with Sadika Hameed and Kathryn Mixon), CSIS report plus 12 background papers (January 2014)

§  Rethinking Civilian Stabilization and Reconstruction (with Joy Aoun and Kathryn Mixon), CSIS conference report (October 2013)

§  The Future of Cooperation between the United States and Pakistan (project director, with Sadika Hameed), CSIS report (October 2013)

§  Private-Sector Development in Fragile, Conflict-Affected, and Violent Countries: CSIS Working Group on Private-Sector Development in Fragile States (project director, with Sadika Hameed and Kathryn Mixon), CSIS report (June 2013)

§  Absorptive Capacity in the Security and Justice Sectors: Assessing Obstacles to Success in the Donor-Recipient Relationship (with Kathryn Mixon and Andrew Halterman), CSIS report (June 2013)

§  Rethinking Absorptive Capacity: A New Framework, Applied to Afghanistan’s Police Training Program (with Kathryn Mixon), CSIS report (June 2013)

§  U.S. Policy Responses to Potential Transitions: A New Dataset of Political Protests, Conflicts, and Coups (with Sadika Hameed), CSIS report (March 2013)

§  CSIS Potential Transitions Dataset v1.0 (1989–2010) (with Sadika Hameed), original dataset (February 2013)

§  Eradicating Polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan (with April Chang, Edgar Chavez, Sadika Hameed, and Kathryn Mixon), CSIS report (August 2012)

§  Inevitable Conflicts, Avoidable Failures: Preparing for the Third Generation of Conflict, Stabilization, and Reconstruction Operations (with Johanna Mendelson Forman and Liora Danan), CSIS conference report (July 2012)

§  Religious Movements, Militancy, and Conflict in South Asia: Cases from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan (with Joy Aoun, Liora Danan, Sadika Hameed, Kathryn Mixon, and Denise St. Peter), CSIS report (June 2012)

§  Subnational Governance, Service Delivery, and Militancy in Pakistan (with Sadika Hameed), CSIS report plus six background papers (May 2012)

§  Political Governance and Strategy in Afghanistan (with Brooke Shawn), CSIS report (April 2012)

§  Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Art of the Possible (with Sadika Hameed, Joy Aoun, and Zeina Boustani), CSIS conference report (July 2011)

§  USAID/OTI’s Initial Governance Response Program in Colombia: A Final Evaluation (with Caroline Hartzell, Phillip McLean, Johanna Mendelson Forman, and Maria Cristina Olano), USAID publication (April 2011)

§  Measuring Perceptions about the Pashtun People (with Amin Tarzi), CSIS–Marine Corps University report (March 2011)

§  Ungoverned Areas and Threats from Safe Havens, final report of the Ungoverned Areas Project, prepared for and approved by Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (January 2008)

Articles, Commentaries, Chapters, and Working Papers

By Robert D. Lamb

§  “Unlearned Lessons and the Dual-System Problem,” SSI commentary  (25 January 2017)

§  “Preparing for Complex Conflicts” (with Melissa R. Gregg), USIP policy brief (October 2016)

§  “Fragile States Cannot Be Fixed with State-Building,” SSI commentary (27 July 2015)

§  “Where Angels Fear to Tread, Entrepreneurs Rush in—But Investors Usually Don’t” (with Sadika Hameed), Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking (29 May 2014)

§  “Medellín, Colombia—How the Public and Private Sectors Have Coped with Violence,” in Michael Goldberg, Kwang Wook Kim, and Maria Ariano, eds., How Firms Cope with Crime and Violence: Experiences from around the World (Washington, D.C.: World Bank, 2014)

§  “Localizing Development Assistance to Enhance Effectiveness,” FYSA: For Your Situational Awareness, no. 6 (April 2014)

§  “Is Revised COIN Manual Backed by Political Will?” (with Brooke Shawn), CSIS commentary (6 February 2014)

§  “The Pivot to Pakistan,” FYSA: For Your Situational Awareness, no. 3 (January 2014)

§  “What Can Civilian Power Accomplish in Foreign Crises?” (with J. Stephen Morrison, Daniel F. Runde, Johanna Nesseth Tuttle), in Craig Cohen, Kathleen H. Hicks, and Josiane Gabel, eds., Global Forecast 2014: U.S. Security Policy at a Crossroads, CSIS report (November 2013)

§  “Beyond Lessons Learned: Reengaging the Public about Civilian Capabilities,” Stability Operations 9, no. 1 (October 2013)

§  “A UN Peacekeeping Mission for Mali: Questions to Consider and Pitfalls to Avoid” (with Jennifer Cooke, Richard Downie, Jean Francois Pactet, Stephanie Sanok, Joy Aoun, Kathryn Mixon, and Farha Tahir), CSIS policy brief for the United Nations (March 2013)

§  “Getting to ‘Yes’ in Afghanistan and Beyond,” op-ed, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9 February 2013)

§  “Instability and Crisis in 2013,” Critical Questions series, CSIS (25 January 2013)

§  “Governance and Militancy in Pakistan’s Conflict Areas” (with Sadika Hameed), World Politics Review (August 2012)

§  “Stabilization and Reconstruction after Iraq and Afghanistan” (with Nathan Freier), in Craig Cohen and Josiane Gabel, eds., 2012 Global Forecast: Risk, Opportunity, and the Next Administration, CSIS report (April 2012)

§  “Formal and Informal Governance in Afghanistan: Reflections on a Survey of the Afghan People,” Occasional Paper no. 11, The Asia Foundation (April 2012)

§  “Planning for a Post Gadhafi Libya” (with Jon B. Alterman, Heather A. Conley, Mark Quarterman, and Maren Leed), CSIS policy brief (July 2011)

§  “Governance and Militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” CSIS policy brief (May 2011).

§  “Development, Diplomacy, and the Future of Statebuilding” (with Farha Tahir and Mark Quarterman), in Statebuilding in Situations of Fragility and Conflict: Relevance for U.S. Policies and Programs, USAID report (February 2011)

§  “Afghan Peace Talks as an Opportunity for Governance Reform,” CSIS commentary (25 January 2011)

§  “QDDR and the Future of Diplomacy,” CSIS commentary (16 December 2010)

§  “How Nonstate Actors Govern in Medellín, Colombia, 1984–2009: Legitimacy and Governance amid Complex Violence,” CISSM policy brief, College Park, Md. (August 2010)

§  “Afghanistan’s National Consultative Peace Jirga” (with Mehlaqa Samdani and Justine Fleischner), Critical Questions series, CSIS (27 May 2010)

§  “The London Conference and the Road ahead in Afghanistan,” Critical Questions series, CSIS (25 January 2010)

§  “In the New Security Environment, ‘Capacity-Building’ Should Give Way to ‘Legitimacy-Building’,” working paper (November 2008)

§  “Legitimacy, Compliance, and Warfare in Strategies of Stabilization,” dissertation prospectus defended to the School of Public Policy, University of Maryland (14 March 2006)

§  “Measuring Legitimacy in Weak States,” working paper presented at the Graduate Student Conference on Security, Georgetown University (18 March 2005)

§  “Satellites, Security, and Scandal: Understand­ing the Politics of Export Control,” CISSM Working Papers series (January 2005)

§  “Participatory Development and the World Bank” (with Bill Varettoni and Chunli Shen), International Affairs Review 14, no. 2 (Fall/Winter 2005)

Principal Investigator and Lead Evaluator

By Robert D. Lamb

§  “Resilience and Political Transitions,” U.S. Agency for International Development contract (April–October 2014)

§  “Smart Power and Private Sector Development in U.S. Foreign Policy,” Smith Richardson Foundation grant (March 2014–February 2015)

§  “From Stability to Peace,” Institute for Economics and Peace contract (October 2013–September 2014)

§  “Engaging Pakistan’s Private Sector for Stability,” Ploughshares Fund grant (July 2013–June 2014)

§  “South Asia Regional Dynamics and Strategic Concerns,” Office of Strategic Multilevel Assessment contract, U.S. Department of Defense (June–October 2013)

§  “Repairing the Rift in U.S.-Pakistan Relations,” Ploughshares Fund grant (June 2012–May 2013)

§  “Measuring Absorptive Capacity in the Security and Justice Sectors,” UK Department for International Development contract (March 2012–February 2013)

§  “U.S. Policy Responses to Potential Transitions,” Smith Richardson Foundation grant (November 2011–February 2013)

§  “Toward Indian and Pakistani Cooperation in Afghanistan’s Stability,” Ploughshares Fund grant (March 2011–February 2012)

§  “Final Evaluation of OTI/Colombia Programs,” Office of Transition Initiatives subcontract, U.S. Agency for International Development (February 2011)

§  “Alternative Paths to Stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Carnegie Corporation of New York grant (October 2010–September 2012)

§  “Twenty-First Century Pashtuns: Assessing the Effects of Conflict and Economic and Political Change on Attitudes, Norms, and Behaviors,” Office of Naval Research grant (July–December 2010)

§  “Subnational Governance and Shadow Governments in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Ploughshares Fund grant (March 2010–February 2011)

§  “Non-State Armed Movements, Religion, and Service Provision,” Henry Luce Foundation grant (January 2010–December 2011)